Must-Read Tips For New Motorcycle Owners


MotorcycleA motorcycle is nothing quite like any vehicle you might have owned before. For one, it can be a good deal more thrilling. But it’s also a good deal more dangerous if not used right.

You might be used to upgrading and repairing cars, which can help. However, you’re also going to need to develop some new knowledge. If you’ve never owned a bike before, here are some aspects you need to consider.


We know the lure of getting your own motorcycle to start taking around the town immediately. We know what it’s like to want to get out on the open road and have yourself a good long trip. However, you ought to get used to motorcycles before you start making any long trips. Practice makes perfect and there are a lot of safe places you can get used to it.

Know what you’re getting in for

Don’t try and get too much bike for your buck. Handling a bike is a visceral experience highly unlike a car. Taking on something more powerful that you’re able to is a quick way to end up underestimating it and getting hurt. The CCs on a bike make a huge difference. If you’ve never ridden a bike before, don’t go into the higher ranges straightaway.


Road safety on a motorcycle is something that requires even more consideration than in a car. There’s a lot less protecting you from an accident, for one. Secondly, motorcycles tend to be treated less seriously on the road than other cars so you have to watch out for yourself. Know all your gestures and common practices for safety in traffic. Ride in open zones when possible and do as much as you can to make yourself more visible.


Bikes take a lot of maintenance, just like cars. Just like cars, you can also save yourself a lot of money by learning how to take care of it yourself. Get out those Suzuki motorcycle repair manuals and save yourself a trip to the mechanic by studying more. Even without expertise, you can still do plenty by yourself. This includes checking tire pressure and tension and lubrication.


It’s not just the bike you need to take care of but yourself, as well. When you’re on a bike, your best bet for doing that is by getting all the safety equipment you need. Helmets are required by law in most countries so have a few of those ready to go. Shin and elbow pads can save you a lot of pain if you lose control, too.

Bad weather

Just like cars, bikes can get affected pretty badly by weather on the road. In fact, because of the weight, bikes are a lot more likely to get affected. Sometimes, it’s not worth risking travelling out in bad weather just to avoid the danger. If you need to, make sure you’re prepared. High visibility jackets are a must, as is being gentle with your throttle so you’re less likely to lose control.

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