The Fiat 500: A Funky, Nimble and Quick City Car

Fiat 500

Fiat 500The Fiat 500 is a car that should not be overlooked when in the market for a stylish and compact vehicle.

The original 500 was first produced by the Italian manufacturer between 1957 and 1957 and was a revolutionary “city car” (a small car designed to primarily be used in urban areas). The car modified and evolved over the years until it was officially retired by Fiat in 1975 after they released the 126.

Out of Retirement

Fast forward 50 years, and Fiat brought the legendary 500 out of retirement with a redesigned four-seat three-door hatchback. This nodded to its history with a distinctive retro style, which it has retained to this day with various models coming out over the last 6 years. This includes the Abarth 500 (a performance model), the 500C (fixed-profile convertible) and the most recent 2016 edition.

The 2016 Edition

The sporty 2016 edition has given a facelift to the 500 and 500C, which includes a redesigned grille, reshaped headlights, rear bumper chrome strip with fog lights and a revamped interior. It comes in three cool trims; Pop, Pop Star and Lounge. This sporty facelift has breathed new life into the range, but also retains the distinctive sixties chic charm of the original car.

Why People Enjoy Driving the 500

For any motorist looking for a fun, reliable and nimble car; you can’t beat the Fiat 500 and particularly the sportier lines. It is small, light and perky which makes it easy to drive and great for motorists who live in the city, but it also packs quite a punch and can zip around with ease. People love owning and driving the 500 because of its funky style, the simple yet stylish interior options and the scope for personalisation. In addition to this, it also sounds great as you fly around town or take it out the city where you can really put your foot down.

Finding Fiat 500’s

Due to it being a stylish, impressive and reliable car which is cheap to run; the Fiat 500 is always in demand and the 2016 edition is sure to be a huge hit. To find the widest range of Fiat 500’s (including all different models), you will want to look online and reputable dealerships. This includes Motorpoint and similar businesses. This makes it quick and easy to find both new and used 500’s and at affordable prices.

The Fiat 500 has always been a sought after city car which is great fun to drive, with the latest 2016 edition nodding to its past whilst breathing new life into the range.

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