5 Things to do Before Selling Your Car


BMWNo buyer is going to take interest in a stinking, dirty car.

The outside represents the inside which means layers of dirt and rough condition can cause the buyers to think that inner parts and functioning are also not up to the mark. Clean your car from outside and make it look sparkling; also don’t forget to clean the tires. Make sure the leather seat cover, mats, dashboard and the entire interior is fresh-looking and tidy.

Working Brake System

The brakes of your car are the ultimate line of defense against an unexpected fatal accident. Bizarre behavior from your braking system can turn off buyers. Many people neglect the problem as long as it’s not noticeable and leave it for the new owners to get it fixed. You’re risking their safety if you hand over your vehicle to them without fixing the problem. Any sounds, vibrating or pulling indicates worn brake pedals and it’s important get it checked by a professional plumber before putting your vehicle on sale.

Change Oils if they are Overdue

Don’t put your vehicle on sale with mud and gunk running in the engine under the name of oil. A buyer will only prefer a car with all oils, or at least engine oil, replaced. It also indicates your degree of interest in maintenance; old and dirty engine oil represents that you haven’t cared for the other parts of the car as well.

Price Your Vehicle

To find an estimated price of your car start searching on Ebay’s vehicle section, it’s an excellent place to get started with, and so is Craigslist. Take notes of the different prices of your car under each of these areas. Now that you have an estimate go back to your car and check for specs that may increase the value like an improved stereo system, new or improved tires, new battery or engine upgrades.

Decide Where To Sell Your Vehicle

There are many different places to sell your car and this can impact on the amount you receive for your car. Official dealerships like Lincoln Car Sales are the most reliable because they deal in used vehicles and offer the most reasonable price. These are also ideal if you need to make a sale urgently. Online listings and social connections can also be favorable to find the best customer for your vehicle.

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