On the road with the Morgan 4/4

Morgan 4/4

Morgan 4/4Owning a Morgan is like having that very special friend round for tea.

Not that you would want them round every day of course – just when you feel you need some additional feel good vibes in your life, and that’s exactly what you get when you own a Morgan – that feel good vibe.


Of course you don’t see that many around and that’s because everybody thinks that they are all locked away in garages and all owned by people over the age of 70 who just lift the bonnet and check the oil level once a year and spend most of their time sitting on the A42 with a picnic basket enjoying tea and scones – when in fact they are out there, you are just not looking hard enough.

Only the other day I met a couple of chaps – one in his 30s who owns a 4/4 and he uses it on something called a Track Day and another in his 50s and judging by his clothes, he seemed to be having a mid life crisis but was also the proud owner of a Morgan Plus 8, which is basically a Morgan with V8 engine shoehorned inside. So the next time you think that owning a Morgan means your life is over – think again – as in reality it’s only just started.

So, what’s the 4/4 like then? Actually it’s very cool. No matter where you go everyone wants to talk about it – and if you are a bit of a ladies’ man – then they will like it just as much as you do, trust me they will.

Interior & Technology:

For a start off – It’s very hard for me to explain the interior of the 4/4 because when you order a car from Morgan you can kit the interior out in pretty much whatever you want. Pink fluffy feathers if that’s what you are really into, so that makes each Morgan different – thus making it hard to describe what you will end up with. All I can tell you is that the interior will be mostly hand stitched and hand built with pride in Malvern in a lovely part of the Worcestershire countryside.

Ok, what can I really tell you about the inside? Well let’s just say it’s very basic – but not basic in a bad way – what I actually mean is you will have everything you will ever need like; period dials and Victorian veneer which of course is actually quintessentially and gloriously very British.

On the road:

Nothing short of a joy – The ride is hard but it can also be gentle depending on the road surface. Remember this is a classic car for people who want to feel the road underneath their seat. You don’t go and buy a Morgan and then take it back because the ride was harsh and because all of your teeth have fallen out. Yes it takes some getting used to – but believe me once you’re into the winding roads and the country lanes the 4/4 comes into its own, and you will be doing all this with the wind in your hair and in total control of your next destination.

Power and Efficiency:

The 4/4 is fitted with a Ford Sigma 1595cc i4 engine and a Mazda 5 speed manual gearbox. Max power is 110 bhp and 0-62 arrives in around 8.0 seconds. The 4/4 will also max out at 115 mph and will return a healthy combined fuel figure of 44.1 mpg.

I was a little worried that the ford Sigma engine would not suit the 4/4 – but I was so wrong. That little Ford 1600cc is a real peach because it revs hard and sounds brilliant. To be honest if you keep it in the right gear and keep the revs up in the power band – there is nothing more pleasing.

To sum up:

The 4/4 has been in production since 1936 – but that does not mean it’s fitted with 1930s technology. Under the skin – It has a modern Ford Sigma engine that is reliable and energetic. Morgan’s also hold their valve really well – so you know if you do decide to move it on – you can be assured of a decent resale value. What more do you need to know. Test drive now – buy tomorrow.

Price: from £37,194  By Anthony Yates

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