Why we should have more than one vehicle in our garage


CarWhat you drive doesn’t define you as a person, and it never should – but – it definitely adds an air or something depending on what it is you have in your garage.

Having said that, if you only have one vehicle, why don’t you have more? Sure, good cars aren’t cheap, but do you really want to be driving your flashy beauty to work and back every day? Or your truck to a romantic date? Of course not.

Here are all the reasons why you should have a vehicle for different occasions.

The reliability
The option of having another vehicle is very good if you need a backup plan. Things happen, life gets complicated, and sometimes for no reason at all, our car decides to play unfairly and act out. By having another vehicle around, it will save the day until you sort out what the problem is. Reliability can cover many different areas; the interior of your car, it’s ability to perform, the level of technology it has, and the service it provides you with.

The safety
You may have a vehicle that you use for business, which means it’ll need to be safe and fit in with all different regulations like insurance, which are required depending on the kind of work you do. If you don’t currently have a vehicle that is suitable, you could have a look at the special offers from ICL, a company that allows you to lease cars for business and/or pleasure. Different vehicles provide different safety features, although all of them will have to have the basics, like airbags and seatbelts. But with advanced technology, some features consist of sensors that detect the way you’re driving and whether you’re tired, by the rhythm of your heartbeat and monitoring your eye movements.

The fuel
Different vehicles consume various amounts of fuel, and obviously the more fuel you need, the more expensive things will become. Believe it or not, it actually works out cheaper if you have more than one vehicle to get your around. For example, if one of your cars consumes a lot because it’s bigger and heavier, then try only using this one on long journeys, like if you’re driving down to see family for a long weekend. While using the lighter, less consuming vehicle to do daily runs like going to work, going shopping, and picking the kids up from school. Plus there are now vehicles out there that have been purposefully designed to be more lightweight, with a start and stop automatic engine, which saves you a lot of money, while being a lot better for the environment too.

So you may have once thought that only keeping one vehicle would be the best for you – and cheaper. But it isn’t always necessarily the case, so have a think about the different uses you have for your car, as it may be very beneficial to your personal, and business life, by getting a few more…

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