How to Make Your Car Look Younger Than It Is

Ford Fiesta

Ford FiestaIf you love your car and it hasn’t let you down yet, you might want to stick with it for a little longer.

While your registration plate might tell its real age, its appearance shouldn’t. Looking after your car will help you retain its value, so when you decide to part ways you can get more money for your new wheels.

Old cars in a good condition fetch a lot of money, based on mileage and appearance. Follow the below tips on making your car look younger than it really is.

Dashboard Care
The interior of your car will be one of the main selling points. Try to deep clean the upholstery regularly, and pay attention to the dashboard. If there are small scratches, there are some dashboard repair solutions that can get rid of it. Don’t just use your general polish to get rid of the dust, but use a color restore solution that will help you make the interior look good as new. You can then go ahead and trade it in more by taking advantage of Mercedes-Benz Special Offers in your area.

Polishing Your Lights
Your headlights will tell a story about your car, and can be a giveaway of the age. You can simply restore the color and shine by using a special headlight polish. Restoring the color and brightness of your head and tail lights should only take a few minutes, and make a huge difference in the appearance of your motor. You will need to get rid of small scratches and marks of stones splashing back. If you cannot make it look new, visit your local parts center, and replace them.

Changing Wheel Caps
When looking at your car, the easiest sign of aging to spot is bent and scratched wheel caps. You can get them cheap at your local body shop. If you have alloy wheels, it might be time to get them removed and polished or restored using advanced techniques. You can also get the wheels repainted and powder coated, if they are in a bad condition.

A little bit of wax here and then will not do any harm. You will need to apply it regularly to protect the bodywork and paintwork from scratches and small imperfections. You can also prevent the fading of the color by regularly applying wax on your car. Find the one that is suitable for your color and paint type, to avoid causing permanent damage.

Bumper, Rubber, and Wing Mirror Color Restore
Rubber and plastic fade after exposure to sun and changing temperatures.Keep your windshield wipers clean and replace them when necessary. Use a bumper restore solution to get your black details go back to black, including the back of the wing mirrors and the trims of the doors.

Making the most out of your used car and maintaining its condition, value, and trade-in value is a good way of saving a lot of money on your next wheels. Look after your car, and it will look after you for longer.

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