Things to consider when buying a used car


FiestaIf you are in the market for a used car then the amount of information out there can be overwhelming and it’s hard to sift through everything and find out what is important.

Here are some of the details you should look for before you purchase your used car:


Although the car you are looking at is used, you should try and avoid a car that has lots of miles. As is well known the more miles the higher chance of something going wrong or breaking. If you are looking for a car to drive for a few years then you should look at a used car in the 30,000-mile range.

Also if the car you are looking out looks like an old model but doesn’t have many miles on the clock, then be wary as the cars mileage may have been altered and should be avoided.


Even more so than buying new, when buying a used car you should be very carful about what make and model of car you buy. You should consider things like reliability, cost of maintenance and price depreciation for re-selling.

Ford are one of the cheapest cars to run after ten years of use, and Shelbourne Motors have a great selection of used Fords to choose from, like a 2014 B-Max for only £7,250.

Car History

Once you have chosen the make and model of your car then you need to do an extensive check of your car’s history. You need to check the previous owners of your car as well as if the car has ever been stolen or if it has had any major repairs.

There are many online checks you can do to find out your cars history and if there are any glaring holes in the cars history you should be careful as the seller may be trying to hide something.

You can also do more basic checks yourself when you go and see the car, look out for any exterior pats of the car that look out of place and could have been replaced, and when you test drive feel for any faults or strange noises that give you cause for concern.

So before you spend possibly thousands of pounds on a used car make sure you follow those simple checks so you get a car that is reliable and safe to drive.

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