Popular car manufacturers over the past 6 years

Ford Focus

Ford Focus Over the past six years, car manufacturer Ford has remained the UK’s favourite manufacturer and had the highest amount of new car sales.

According to bestsellingcars.com, new UK car registrations in 2018 were down 7%. The main cause of this fall in new car sales is down to the uncertainty of Brexit. People are avoiding high ticket price purchases as the state of the economy after Brexit is still so unclear.

Before Brexit was even a thing, new car sales had been on the increase year on year, especially since the dip in 2011, but as soon as the UK voted to leave the EU, new car sales fell dramatically.
Below shows the amount of new car sales by year.

Year   UK New Car Sales
2018   2,367,147
2017   2,540,617
2016   2,692,786
2015   2,633,503
2014   2,476,435
2013   2,264,737

New car sales in 2013 vs 2018

Over the six years, German brands Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have all taken position in the top 5 popular car brands in the UK. Vauxhall, UK’s lifestyle brand, has also stayed in the top 5 positions but over the past few years has started to drop down the rankings from a solid second.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 for 2013 compared with 2018.

1. Ford
2. Vauxhall
3. Volkswagen
4. Audi
5. BMW
6. Nissan
7. Mercedes-Benz
8. Peugeot
9. Toyota
10. Citroën & DS

1. Ford
2. Volkswagen
3. Vauxhall
4. Mercedes-Benz
5. BMW
6. Nissan
7. Toyota
8. Kia
9. Hyundai
10. Peugeot

It is clear the main manufacturers have still stayed pretty much the same with the only new brands being Kia and Hyundai making an appearance in the top 10 last year. Wondering how the other brands have performed over the past 8 years?

Digital marketing guys over at Honchō love data and have created the below video so you can visualise new car sales. 



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