What is Snow Foam Car Wash and is it worth it?


Car What is snow foam car wash? Snow foam car wash is a pre-wash product that is be used on your vehicle before it is washed properly.

Snow foam helps lift dirt off your car before you wash it with shampoo. Removing some of the dirt prior to using shampoo is a more effective way of ensuring your vehicle is as clean as it can be.

How snow foam works?

Snow foam works harder than regular car shampoo as it breaks down dirt better. The thick foam sticks to the outside of the car giving it that snowy feel and works hard to remove the majority of the dirt from your car. Once washed off, using regular car shampoo will work so much more effectively giving your car a cleaner finish.

When using the snow foam, you may only wish to use it on the bottom half of your car which is the dirtier part and the part that is the most difficult to remove dirt from.

Is snow foam worth it?

Yes! Snow foam is definitely worth it. Especially if your vehicle is really dirty. Snow foam car wash removes all types of dirt and residue that your car picks up when driving around town.

If it rains, you pick up even more dirt, then your car dries meaning the dirt dries on your car making it harder to wash. The foam does the hard part for you by removing the tough dirt so you can focus on shampooing your car without running the risk of rubbing the dirt into your car causing scratches.

Things to be aware of when using snow foam

If you have a convertible, be careful where you are spraying the snow foam. It’s not going to cause harm if you splash a bit of foam on the soft top but covering it will. There are products designed specifically to wash soft tops.

You want to opt for a true PH neutral formula to avoid any damage to more delicate parts of the car. This is because the snow foam will really cling to the car to soften and remove the dirt.

Snow foam pre-wash will not remove every single piece of dirt and grim and should not be used as a main cleaning agent. Always wash your vehicle after with regular car washing shampoo. You will find it a lot easier to wash your vehicle after using pre-wash snow foam speeding up the car washing process.

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