BTCC Snetterton Practice round up‏

TBTCC action (photo by Marc Waller)he BTCC reconvenes this weekend at Snetterton in  Norfolk for the 6th meeting of the year.

The first two practice  sessions took place this morning and it was the MG KX Momentum drivers heading  the times, Jason Plato in the first session and his team mate Sam Tordoff in the  second.

The Hondas are also going well with both the Pirtek and  works Honda Yuasa Racing setting times towards the front of the field. Andrew  Jordan took an excellent third in the first session. The Toyota teams,  especially Speedworks Dave Newsham, look set for a good weekend. Newsham was  fourth in both sessions and Adam Morgan took a 5th and a  6th. The Ebay Motors team look like they might struggle to repeat  their success from Croft with only Colin Turkington in the top ten,  9th and 7th in the two sessions respectively. Jack Goff is  one of the weekend’s biggest improvers so far with a tenth and then a twelveth.  Airwaves look set for a better weekend on the first anniversary of the debut of  their NGTC Focus with Aron Smith getting a sixth in the first session and Mat  Jackson a seventh in the second.

BTCC action (photo by Marc Waller)BTCC action (photo by Marc Waller)There are several new cars and drivers here. Andy Neate  has finally debuted his brand new Team club 44 NGTC Chevrolet Cruze, he had  engine issues but managed a best position of twelfth in the first session.  Warren Scott has switch from his Seat Leon to an NGTC VW Passat built by Team  Hard but run by his own BMR Restart racing team. He also had technical teething  trouble and is yet to set a representative time.  The other Passat driven by Tom Onslow  Cole has a new Black livery but appeared to be having handling issues out on  track with some very sideways moments! He ended up with a best of  14th. Rob Holland is back with Team Hard, racing the Vauxhall  Insignia vacted by James Cole. He had a best of 21st but hopes to get  faster through the weekend.

 James  Kaye and the AMD Tuning team have swapped their Golf for an Ex works Honda Civic  S2000 although it didn’t help him to the quickest Jack sears Trophy time as he  only managed a couple of third in class positions. Lea Wood was fastest in the  first session before a wiring Loom fire put him out. Liam Griffin was fastest of  the Jack Sears trophy runners in the Second session. Wood missed the second  session but the team are working on the car and he should be out for Qualifying. 

Joe Girling is missing this weekend as he looks at his  options for the rest of the year which may include a switch to an NGTC car. The  third Motorbase/Addsion Lee Focus NGTC is not racing this weekend either after  Michael Caine drove it at Croft.

2013 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship –  Snetterton – Free Practice 1

1. Jason Plato (MG KX Momentum Racing): +0.0 2. Sam  Tordoff (MG KX Momentum Racing): +0.115 3. Andrew Jordan (Pirtek Racing):  +0.367 4. Dave Newsham (Speedworks Motorsport): +0.464 5. Adam Morgan  (Ciceley Racing): +0.509 6. Aron Smith (Airwaves Racing): +0.560 7. Colin  Turkington (eBay Motors): +0.745 8. Gordon Shedden (Honda Yuasa Racing):  +0.866 9. Rob Austin (WIX Racing): +1.079 10. Mat Jackson (Airwaves  Racing): +1.120 11. Matt Neal (Honda Yuasa Racing): +1.227 12. Jack Goff  (RCIB Insurance Racing): +1.245 13. Robert Collard (eBay Motors):  +1.508 14. Ollie Jackson (Speedworks Motorsport): +1.770 15. Daniel Welch  (Welch Motor sport with Sopp + Sopp): +1.856 16. Tom Onslow-Cole  (PPCGB/Kraftwerk Racing): +1.901 17. Nick Foster (eBay Motors): +1.942 18.  Will Bratt (WIX Racing): +2.488 19. Jeff Smith (Pirtek Racing): +2.802 20.  Andy Neate (Team Club 44): +3.151 21. Lea Wood (Wheel Heaven/Houseman  Racing): +3.186 22. Frank Wrathall (Dynojet): +3.460 23. Liam Griffin  (Addison Lee Motorbase): +3.830 24. James Kaye ( +4.149 25.  Robb Holland (RCIB Insurance Racing): +4.724 26. David Nye (Welch Motorsport  with Sopp + Sopp): +4.731 27. Warren Scott (Team BMR Restart):  +10.388

2013 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship –  Snetterton – Free Practice 2

1. Sam Tordoff (MG KX Momentum Racing): +0.000 2.  Jason Plato (MG KX Momentum Racing): +0.241 3. Gordon Shedden (Honda Yuasa  Racing): +0.690 4. Dave Newsham (Speedworks Motorsport): +0.958 5. Andrew  Jordan (Pirtek Racing): +1.056 6. Adam Morgan (Ciceley Racing): +1.261 7.  Mat Jackson (Airwaves Racing): +1.462 8. Matt Neal (Honda Yuasa Racing):  +1.672 9. Colin Turkington (eBay Motors): +1.711 10. Jack Goff (RCIB  Insurance Racing): +1.729 11. Aron Smith (Airwaves Racing): +1.799 12.  Robert Collard (eBay Motors): +1.983 13. Ollie Jackson (Speedworks  Motorsport): +2.009 14. Tom Onslow-Cole (PPCGB/Kraftwerk Racing):  +2.150 15. Rob Austin (WIX Racing): +2.230 16. Daniel Welch (Welch Motor  sport with Sopp + Sopp): +2.408 17. Frank Wrathall (Dynojet): +2.702 18.  Will Bratt (WIX Racing): +3.071 19. Jeff Smith (Pirtek Racing): +3.134 20.  Nick Foster (eBay Motors): +3.228 21. Robb Holland (RCIB Insurance Racing):  +3.953 22. Liam Griffin (Addison Lee Motorbase): +4.330 23. David Nye  (Welch Motorsport with Sopp + Sopp): +4.342 24. James Kaye (  +4.612 25. Andy Neate (Team Club 44): +4.661 26. Lea Wood (Wheel  Heaven/Houseman Racing): No time set 27. Warren Scott (Team BMR Restart): No  time set

By Marc Waller

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