The AA my hero

The AA There is one question that people ask me quite a lot. Do the cars I ever test, breakdown?

Well the short answer is YES they do, and usually when you least expect it.

I was recently on a test drive to the Lake District with a vehicle that did just that. Although, I have to point out that technically it did not actually breakdown, but it did stop working.

There I was enjoying a lovely drive, when bang – a blow out. Now I am well averse to controlling a vehicle when it is out of control, so I managed to get it back under control, and promptly stopped to assess the damage.

Damage – Well, a very flat tyre. Ok, so there I was in the middle of nowhere and on my own. I franticly looked for the number for a breakdown service within the car, but there was nothing.

I then tried to go into my Email on my mobile phone to get the number of the fleet company, so I could call them, but getting a mobile phone signal in the Lake District is such a pitiful task, I would have been better off trying to contact them using smoke signals!

I then suddenly remembered to my relief that my wife had recently signed us both up to join The AA. I remembered her telling me, “that it’s the person that is covered, not the car, and I was to keep the card safe in my wallet for emergencies”. Talk about doing the right thing. How right she was.

Once again, I franticly looked in my wallet to find the Golden Ticket of life (My AA Membership Card) Then, I had to do something really bizarre. I had to get a mobile phone signal.

You have no idea what I did to achieve this. I stood on a rock with my arms stretched wide, pretending to be a Ariel, but the only signal I got, was Eastenders on a re-run. I did manage to get a signal in the end, by holding onto the car Ariel at the same time as holding my phone out in front of me. I managed to get just one bar, just enough to call The AA to give them an approx idea of where I was located.

Within 30min The AA arrived, tyre and all. A lovely chap kept me nice a warm in his van, while he attended to my flat tyre. I also managed to catch the end of the Archers on the radio in his van, which was a bonus. Before I knew it, I was back on the road skimming my way back home to my loving family.

Of course, I know all new cars; get covered for breakdowns, but what happens when there is none? What about if your car is older?
If it was not for the brains of my wife getting us joint cover, I would have still been stuck there now. If you do own a car or a motorbike, it makes sense to get covered for these things, really it does.

I for one am more than happy to pay my yearly membership, just so I know if I get into trouble again, I have a backup plan.

Let’s not forget either- being a member of The AA does not just cover your car when it breaksdown – it coves a whole host of goodness to keep you on the road.

Why don’t you take my advice, and sign up the family today, just as my wife did at: The AA. Signing up for this – will be one of the best things you have done in a long time. Trust me; I have seen what they can do.

PS – Just so you all dont think I am lazy – I would of course changed the tyre myself, but the car I had on test had no spare tyre, so I was suddenly very glad to see a little yellow van in my rear view mirror. By Anthony Yates

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