BMW to Offer a New Trophy for Private Road Racers

Motorbike (Image Source: Franc/Wikimedia Commons)Private road racers now have a new goal to work towards,

as BMW has announced a new global competition.

Racers competing in an approved list of global series on one of BMW’s S1000RR or HP4 sport bikes can earn points in each race. At the end of the year, the private road racer who has amassed the most points will win a new BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. This showcases BMW’s commitment to encourage customer racing in a number of settings, rather than focusing solely on professionals competing in the World Superbike Championship.

This would be the first time that a manufacturer has organised a race trophy specifically for its customers, and could help boost sales and excitement surrounding BMW’s line of sport bikes. BMW Motorrad riders can not only fight for the title in their own championship races, but they can also now duke it out to win the ultimate title of the best BMW Motorrad rider. These riders normally wouldn’t be able to compare themselves to one another due to taking part in different series, but now they will be able to see who takes top prize.

Participating Series
There are currently 15 series eligible for the program, bringing together privateer racers from across the globe. It could boost interest in each separate series, because they’re all part of a larger program for BMW riders. Notable series included in the Motorrad program include the Isle of Man TT, Macau Grand Prix, World Superbike Championship, Superstock 1000 Cup, and the Endurance World Championship. Localized championships in South Africa, the UK, Canada, and Brazil are all included as well. In the meantime, if you can’t get enough of the current Road Racing World Championship news, read a full preview here. BMW has stated that it will expand the number of eligible championships in the future so this one could be added in the future, along with the AMA Pro Racing series in America.

How it Works
Racers already competing in eligible series can now elect to earn points towards the trophy provided they are riding an approved BMW motorcycle. They compete as they normally would, and the results earn a set number of points towards the final trophy. Points will be balanced depending on whether the racing event is a single-race event or a series of races. Trophies will then be awarded at the end of the year to the top 15 point-earners throughout the world, along with an enticing cash prize. To help further explain the system and support BMW riders, there will be online support as well as Motorrad representatives at each eligible race.

The introduction of this new trophy gives an opportunity to privateer racers to gain global recognition for their achievements, and should add a fun new dimension to races around the world.

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