New arrivals for every budget in 2015

Mazda 3 We know one of the moments you spend your time daydreaming about is the time you get to buy yourself a new car and get out there on the open road on your own, with the world on your feet.

First stop, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need to nail these tests to make us road legal and to even start. Practice as much as you can, make use of the many great resources now available such as online theory tests and a wealth of tips and advice for the practical aspects.

Make sure your driving instructor suits you as a person so you’ll enjoy the lessons, and then just put in the hours until you get there. Everybody is different, but it’s more about comfort and confidence in a car than anything else.

Right, so you’ve either got there or you’re very close. If you’re lucky enough (or the parents are feeling particularly generous) then getting something off the forecourt new, or nearly new, is always a great investment. Safety is improving all the time, technology advances at a rapid rate, and what you might spend extra on the initial outlay, you can start to make back in efficiency, warranties, forecourt deals and much more.

Below are a few of the new models that could give you a great driving experience, safety, and look the part too.


The new Mazda 3 rates highly in the safety stakes as one of the safest new cars for 2015. If you’re buying for a daughter then certainly this has to be a frontrunner. “Advanced” crash prevention might sound like you’re being a bit cynical, but it’s been proven time after time in testing and it does the job. The spec under the bonnet is great too, and it looks sharp.

Toyota Prius

For the environmentally aware among us – and more of us should be – then the Toyota Prius is an excellent call. They’re now greener than ever, and Toyota are well known for their reliability. Car tax is free, and they’re not just a green car anymore, they’re also a very good one that also ranks very highly in safety.

Ford Focus

Always a solid choice, the Ford Focus was one of the most sought after cars in 2014 and that will likely continue. Small, driver friendly and with plenty of new features, you’ll never go far wrong. The new 2015 ‘ecoboost’ version has been labelled “punchy and efficient”, which gives you the best of both worlds.

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