Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy the New Toyota Aygo

Toyota AygoToyota recently released their new hatchback, the latest model in the Toyota Aygo range.

Toyota has always been a brand known for reliability and quality. And there’s no doubt that the Aygo will stand toe to toe with many of its market rivals. When you buy a Toyota, you can always be sure of what to expect for your money.

So what’s the new Aygo like, and should you buy one? Well, if you’re here you probably already know the answer. But just for your edification here are ten reasons why you should go out and buy one of these cars.

1. Driving

The Aygo drives as well as it ever has and corners well. Toyota have gone to great lengths to reduce the noise in the cabin. This does make the noise of the engine more noticeable, but this isn’t a bad thing. It is a soft and laid back ride, and you will be able to have a normal conversation without shouting. It’s a more rigid and stable ride than you remember from previous models. Light and accurate steering, great performance and a supple ride make this the perfect city car for the perfect city life.

2. Style

The Aygo has always been a stylish little ditty, and the newest model is no exception to this rule. But it’s evolved from previous models. It’s sharper, trendier, more refined. This is a modern car for the modern generation. It seems Toyota have made efforts to market the car towards a more youthful audience. The interior only serves to reinforce this theory, with a classy black finish throughout. There’s a touchscreen control and entertainment console in the centre. The steering column and readouts in the cabin also come across as new and trendy. It may lack the refinement of some rival models, but it’s smart, colourful and well equipped.

3. Reliability

The new Aygo ticks yet more boxes for its reliability and was rated sixth for reliability in a Driver Power survey. Toyota is a brand that you would always associate with reliability, so it’s not surprising. The bodywork is durable and boisterous while the engine is the same tried and tested model Toyota has used for years. As if this wasn’t enough the model comes complete with five-year/100,000 miles warranty for peace of mind. Toyota has always been well regarded for reliability and happily the new Aygo is no different.

4. Practical

The newer model Aygo is larger than the former model but is still a nice, compact hatchback. This is the perfect car for a singleton or a young couple looking for a snazzy little motor to improve city excursions. The boot is decent sized and could fit a couple of suitcases with ease. It contains all the features you’d expect it to have such as cup holders, bins and a large glove compartment. The best model to go for it the five-door design. It makes the vehicle easier to enter and exit and still preserves its aesthetic appeal.

Toyota AygoToyota Aygo





5. Price

One of the biggest reasons you should consider buying this car is the price tag. It’s on the market from around £8,500 which is a snip by today’s standards. You could wait a while and then visit Inchcape Toyota where you might be able to pick it up for even less. You might even think about entering into a finance plan for a new or used Aygo. There are some that allow you to get ahold of one for as little as £100 per week at the moment. The running costs are also low as the model is fuel efficient and has barely any tax costs.

6. Safety

The car’s safety kit could go toe to toe with any of its rivals on the market. It contains four airbags, has stability controls and a system that monitors tyre pressure. This gives you increased peace of mind on the roads and ensures that the car will protect you as much as possible. I won four stars out of a possible five in the NCAP crash test, so you know this is a safe model you can rely on.

7. Customization

As with most new modern cars released these days the Aygo allows for customization options. This means that you can alter the look and style of your vehicle to suit your personal tastes. This is an important attribute for buyers. When you buy a car, you want to give it a little bit of flair and character. You want the car to reflect your personality and your tastes and interests. The ability to customise allows you to do this and still be able to keep the same car that you bought in the first place.

8. Performance

The engine is a 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine and is the same type as was used in previous models. It’s tried and tested. Toyota knows it works, and so they see no reason to change a winning formula. The engine is efficient enough to do the job you need, but it also prevents you from going too fast. This is useful for cutting down on the risk of accidents on the road and ensuring you drive safer. The car is manoeuvrable and nippy around corners. It can zip around the busy city streets with consummate ease. So in many ways it’s the perfect city hatchback.

9. Handling

You might find that the new Aygo has efficient and user-friendly handling. It can cruise through the city streets or back country lanes with effortless abandon. You’ll also find that you don’t get a bumpy ride over uneven ground. The car corners wonderfully, it’s powerful and precise around the bends. But you’ll find it won’t go too fast, so it eliminates the dangers of crashing when cornering.

10. Compact

One of the most appealing things about the new model Toyota Aygo is its size. In particular how compact and practical the car is proves a massive bonus. This is a small, agile hatchback perfect for inner city travel. It will park with ease in smaller parking spaces than a lot of cars and is perfect in traffic as it can fit into small gaps. The model comes in three-door or five-door designs, and you should pick whichever suits your needs. The boot is decent sized for how compact the car is. Some would argue the car is perhaps a little small and cramped. But the Aygo makes no bones about what it is. It’s a small, inexpensive hatchback perfect for singletons or couples in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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