In Review: Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT

Toyota Aygo

Toyota AygoSince its release just over a decade ago, the Toyota Aygo has become a popular choice amongst motorists with young families.

It’s a particularly common selection on the used car market. But is it a worthwhile investment?

As the biggest manufacturer on the planet, Toyota are expected to deliver time and time again. The Aygo has been a key player in its catalogue for several years now, and it certainly has plenty of selling points. Quite frankly, for the right type of driver, it is the perfect solution.

At a glance, the Aygo is everything you could hope for in a city car. It’s compact, but modern versions still boasts a 168litre boot. This makes it a practical answer for any small family or business person with the need for space without wanting a huge vehicle.

It looks great on the road too. We all deserve an appealing car, and the bodywork is very pleasing to the eye. While the cabin is essentially pretty basic, it does everything you could ask it to. The only slight complaint is the small amount of space in the rear. This could be an issue for those with teenagers. But those with younger children shouldn’t encounter any trouble whatsoever.

Performance wise, the 1l engine size isn’t going to give you the oomph of popular SUVs like the Ford Edge. Then again, it’s not supposed to. This car is designed with the city driver in mind. If the car is primarily used for the school runs and weekly shopping, then the economic factors make it a dream. Fuel consumption is particularly impressive at 63.2mpg.

Handling is fluid, which creates for an enjoyable drive too. More importantly, though, the Aygo is built with families in mind. As such, safety is very much at the forefront of their thinking. The 2014 model was awarded 4/5 stars from Euro NCAP. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of loved ones, so this will be a huge relief.

The interior will differ depending on how old the used car is. But all models boast a youthful and energetic appearance in spite of the limited space. Without boasting the level of luxury that you’d get from bigger and more expensive motors, the Aygo is certainly cool. Moreover, it has all the climate control and comfort features that you’d expect from a modern city vehicle.

Mass production of the vehicle also ensures that drivers have a lot of versatility when choosing an Aygo from the used car market. At a dealership like Currie Motors Toyota, the volume of options allows all families to find a solution for their needs. This is a very easy car to customise too, which will come in handy for those that have those inclinations.

The Toyota Aygo isn’t ever going to turn heads with mind-blowing features. But it does equality what it’s supposed to. Millions of families can’t be wrong. For the modern family that deals primarily with city life, it is a safe, fun and economical option.

What more could you ask for?

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