Long Distance Driving? Here Are Some Easy Tips To Make It More Bearable


CarA lot of car owners are going to have this experience at some point or another. Could be coming back from a long distance trip. Could be part of your job.

But long distance driving has its challenges. You want to make the trip as easy and safe for yourself as possible. So here, we’re going to look at how to make your best go at the endurance run that is long distance driving.

Make sure the car’s in good shape

First, you need to prepare the car. Any underlying problem waiting to go off is at more risk during a long drive than ever. So have it thoroughly checked out before undertaking a particularly long journey. Similarly, you need to check all the resources and make sure you’re good to go. The fluids, the tyres, ensure it’s all good to go.

Be aware of your surroundings

If you’re driving for a long time, it’s easy for your focus to begin to slip. That is the biggest danger of those long trips. Losing awareness for your surroundings is one of the biggest causes of car crashes. The others involve things like risky drivers and bad road conditions. These are elements that can be spotted by maintaining that awareness, so do your best to keep concentrated.

The importance of fighting boredom

Be alert, that doesn’t mean honing in on one aspect of the drive to ignore the rest. You need to keep yourself at least somewhat entertained on the drive as well. Or engaged. Stop your mind from wandering. Put on a great podcast or audiobook to keep your mind sharp.

Staying refreshed

It’s not just mental stimulation that matters, either. On the road, you need to be physically stimulated, as well. Running low on energy and suffering from dehydration are dangers you don’t want to cope with. So make sure that you take the right snacks with you. Keep a few bottles of water. Don’t drink or eat too much, but make sure you’re keeping yourself refreshed.

Plan some stops

It’s not a great idea to keep eating and drinking on the road. Nor is it a good idea to drive for hours on end, non-stop. You need to give yourself breaks. Give yourself the time to have a nibble or to have a bathroom stop. To pick up and read a magazine. Even to help perk yourself awake now and then. Make sure you’re spotting places you can stop for a breather.

If you’re getting tired

As we said, those stops are useful for keeping yourself awake, too. Drowsy driving can be seriously dangerous. You’re leaving yourself vulnerable on the road if you try to drive while tired. Use caffeine to help keep yourself awake. Listen to music that keeps you up. If you need to, don’t be afraid to find a safe place to park and have a nap.

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