Jackson wins race two after a pile up causes a red flag

Jackson fights Shedden on the first start (Photo by Marc Waller)

Jackson fights Shedden on the first start (Photo by Marc Waller)Mat Jackson has won the second race of the day at Snetterton but only after the race had to be started a second time when the first start was red flagged after a huge pile up on the Bentley straight.

On the first start Jackson passed Turkington and Shedden to lead on the first lap but behind there was chaos. First Aron Smith and Kelvin Fletcher collided after Riches sending Fletcher spinning into the nearby crop field.

Then Dan Welch and Ollie Jackson collided part way down the Bentley straight. The cars following behind were unsighted, and visibility was reduced further by a cloud of dust that rose up. This caused Alex Martin, Hunter Abbott and Ashley Sutton to join the accident.

Dan Welch’s car looks to be a total write off and he withdrew from the meeting. The other cars were recovered to the pits after the red flag and the team started work on them in the hope of racing in the third race of the day.

When the race started for a second time, Jackson repeated his brilliant start once more although this time couldn’t quite pass Turkington. He soon passed him at Hamilton corner to lead and he was unchallenged for the rest of the shortened ten lap race.

“It was good,” said Jackson. “To do it for a second time after the restart makes it even better – the car was on fire. I have to say it’s been absolutely awesome. Colin knew my tricks second time but it’s terrific to take the win with all the ballast on. It’s great for us and all of our sponsors. We were on the softs so we were mindful of being there at the end, managing it to a point. It was just about keeping an eye on where Colin was and keeping him at bay.”

Turkington stayed second to bring in another points haul, he is now looking like a potential championship contender. He described Jackson’s pass on him on the first lap;

“It was very hard for me to defend against that,” responded Colin. “I did my best both times but I sort of knew it was coming and it did. It was super anyway, we made a genuine step forward with the chassis there. That’s why I could live with Mat [Jackson] winning.”

Shedden however struggled this time. After light contact with Turkington on the second lap, he started to slip down the order, getting tapped twice by Adam Morgan’s Wix Mercedes causing him to drop several places.
Morgan then found himself under attack from the other works Honda Civic of Matt Neal and Neal found his way past to move into third. Morgan then dropped a further place to Rob Collard who had fought his way from fourteenth on the grid to fourth.

Jackson does it again on start two (Photo by Marc Waller) The pile up caused huge damage - Here Suttons wrecked car is recovered to the pits (Photo by Marc Waller) Things were close across the line for the battles at the lower end of the points (Photo by Marc Waller) Podium (Photo by Marc Waller)




Neal and Collard then battled for third with the two running side by side for almost all of lap eight. Collard seemed to have won the place but Neal was immediately on the attack to retake third which he then held on to with Collard close behind in fourth, the points helping both their championship battles.

“It’s a good job I’m not a betting man because I’d have put money on him taking the podium with three laps to go,” said Neal afterwards. “To start with I got my head down and was trying to be as aggressive as I could, looking forward to Colin. I saw Rob’s BMW in the mirrors and my attentions had to turn from attacking to defending because he was flying. He was charging but the Type R held on!”

Adam Morgan held onto fifth ahead of Jason Plato who was putting the pressure on as much as he could with Tom Ingram and Sam Tordoff just behind in seventh and eighth. Tordoff’s ninth was then drawn as the reverse grid pole for race three.

Rob Austin was a strong ninth for Handy Motorsport ahead of Shedden, who managed to finally halt his slide down the order when he reached tenth. The final points scorers were Aiden Moffat, Jake Hill, Josh Cook, Andrew Jordan and Jeff Smith who took the final point for Eurotech.

1 Mat JACKSON (GBR) Motorbase Performance 19m48.288s
2 Colin TURKINGTON (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +1.190s
3 Matt NEAL (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +1.950s
4 Robert COLLARD (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +2.140s
5 Adam MORGAN (GBR) WIX Racing +7.255s
6 Jason PLATO (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +7.687s
7 Tom INGRAM (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +8.421s
8 Sam TORDOFF (GBR) Team JCT600 Racing with GardX +9.935s
9 Rob AUSTIN (GBR) Handy Motorsport +11.649s
10 Gordon SHEDDEN (GBR) Halfords Yuasa Racing +11.989s
11 Aiden MOFFAT (GBR) Laser Tools Racing +13.238s
12 Jake HILL (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +16.369s
13 Josh COOK (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance +16.506s
14 Andrew JORDAN (GBR) Motorbase Performance +16.735s
15 Jeff SMITH (GBR) Eurotech Racing +18.082s
16 Warren SCOTT (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing +18.306s
17 Matt SIMPSON (GBR) Speedworks Motorsport +18.606s
18 Stewart LINES (GBR) Maximum Motorsport +27.324s
19 Michael EPPS (GBR) RCIB Insurance Racing +27.760s
20 Alex MARTIN (GBR) Dextra Racing +36.363s
21 Mark HOWARD (GBR) BKR +42.175s
22 Michael CAINE (GBR) TLC/RCIB Insurance Racing +2 laps
23 Aron SMITH (IRL) BKR +3 laps
24 Martin DEPPER (GBR) Eurotech Racing +4 laps
25 Dan WELCH (GBR) Goodestone Racing
26 James COLE (GBR) Silverline Subaru BMR Racing
27 Jack GOFF (GBR) Team IHG Rewards Club
28 Ollie JACKSON (GBR) AmD Tuning.com
29 Hunter ABBOTT (GBR) Power Maxed Racing
30 Kelvin FLETCHER (GBR) Power Maxed Racing
31 Ashley SUTTON (GBR) MG Racing RCIB Insurance By Marc Waller


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