The differences between men and women drivers revealed in latest survey


DriverMen are much more confident in their opinion of their driving skills compared to women.

A recent survey carried out by vehicle check service My Car Check revealed that 60.7% of men consider themselves to be good drivers, vs only 47.8% of women.

What did unite the sexes were that they both agreed that one way systems are the most infuriating, with nearly 30% of both sexes agreeing. Roundabouts were the next most infuriating for both sets of drivers also.

Not unsurprising was the view of young male drivers, the majority felt they were good drivers and revealed that they were equally scared by all other drivers on the road. However, every other age and gender mix agreed that young men were the most scary drivers!

When it comes to buying a used car, women were most uncomfortable with physically inspecting a car, whilst it was negotiating a price which men felt most uncomfortable with.

Again, where they both agreed is the main factor they consider when buying a car, and that is price. However, after the sale price, women were more likely to consider fuel efficiency and running costs, whereas men prioritised style and power.

When considering buying a used car it is vitally important to check its history first. Not only will it keep you safe, but it will also make physically checking a car or negotiating the price much easier. To check any UK car download the My Car Check app (available on iOS or Android devices), texting the reg to 83600 or visiting



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