Cars: Music Video Stars

Lamborghini Diablo SE

Lamborghini Diablo SECars and culture have always had a unique link, with cars appearing and even dominating entire films and franchises.

The Fast and The Furious franchise is a prime example. Another cultural domain for the car is the music video. Many artists over the years have included cars in their music videos as a focus point and prop to tell the story of their song.

Here are just a few of the best music videos from the past and the present that feature some of the nicest cars in the World.

Charlie Puth – One Call Away & See You Again

Charlie Put hasn’t been on the music all too long, but he has made a serious impression. He is clearly a car fan as proven with his Coast to Coast mix of his own hit One Call Away. Charlie teamed up with Fiat Crysler to celebrate the 2015 American Music Awards with the help of Brett Eldredge, Ty Dolla $ign and Sofia Reyes.

The cars in One Call Away are a Fiat 500L, Dodge Ram Pick-up, Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger.

Charlie Puth also has the biggest video on YouTube after working with Wiz Khalifa on See You Again. See You Again is a tribute to the car loving Paul Walker, who dies tragically in a car crash before completing Fast and Furious 7.

The video is filled with scenes from the franchise themselves, but also additional clips featuring both Charlie and Wiz include Dodge Chargers old and new, Dodge Challengers old and new and a Dodge Viper. From the films clips, we can see Audi R8, Toyota Supra, Subaru Impreza and many, many more cars that appeared in the franchise.

Jamiroquai – White Knuckle Ride & Cosmic Girl

Jay Kay, the front man for Jamiroquai is a huge petrol head and has appeared on Top Gear twice. Similarly to Charlie Puth, Jamiroquai have two music videos that should interest every petrol head.

White Knuckle Ride shows a chase between an Iconic Porsche 911 from the 1990s and a helicopter. The video showed the speed, power and gracious handling of the Porsche 911.

In Cosmic Girl, you are treated to a collection of 1990 Italian Supercars including Ferraris and Lamborghinis. They race together as a group along a twisting road with the rising dawn sun in the background.

Audioslave – Show Me How To Live

Audioslave have taken real inspiration for one of the greatest car films in history, Vanishing Point with their video for Show Me How To Live. The truth is that if you wish to watch Vanishing Point, then this video is a quick five-minute version.

Gorillaz – Stylo
Who doesn’t love a good police car chase including all the great clichés, plus a special appearance from Bruce Willis? Well that is exactly what you get with Stylo. This music video is reminiscent of the famous Mad Max car chase between a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro nicknamed Stylo and a 1968 El Camino driven by Bruce.

These videos should be watched by every petrol head as they show great cars being driven the way they should be. What is even better about these videos is that they can be watched with or without the music. They tell a story involving cars in the background for the song.

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