Could Mercedes-Benz Be The Best Brand For Female Drivers?


MercedesAlthough women have all the same options as men when it comes to buying cars, it often seems like car companies cater more to their male markets.

Many women often feel patronised by car sellers, and vehicle marketing often seems to be geared towards men.

However, one brand that seems dedicated to counteracting this is Mercedes. The manufacturer has supported female drivers in the racing scene for a long time. Additionally, they’ve been making extra efforts to cater to women drivers. Could Mercedes-Benz be the best vehicle brand for women?

She’s Mercedes

Last year, the brand launched their “She’s Mercedes” campaign. The goal of the project is to create events, content, and other materials specifically aimed at female Mercedes fans.

They currently host a She’s Mercedes blog on their website. It features interviews with influential women from various industries, as well as driving-based content. They also have a WhatsApp news feed that female drivers can subscribe to for relevant news and info.

Brands like Nissan and Volkswagen still seem to be more popular with girl drivers. But Mercedes’ apparent efforts to cater to the female market could see them rise fast.

A Brand For Everyone

The reach beyond just male drivers reflects one of the auto brand’s aims to appeal to all markets. As well as being a significant fixture in the female racing scene for a long time, they also cater to all kinds of consumers.

Whereas in the past their high-quality luxury cars were usually only owned by wealthy people, today their market is more varied. Many car companies offer Mercedes leasing and flexible financing plans so even the average earner can drive away in one.

They’ve also upped their game over the years when it comes to variety in their vehicles. While they built their name on high-powered sports cars, they now also sell all-terrain SUVs and commercial vehicles. Rumour has it they’re also trying to break into the motorcycle market.

A History Of Girl Power

This year, Mercedes had an all-female racing team represent them in the Mille Miglia. The women drove classic Mercedes cars in the historic racing event to celebrate the brand and its drivers. This isn’t the first time Mercedes has supported female racers. In fact, they have a long history of it.

Way back in 1927, Ernes Merck represented Mercedes when she placed second in the Klausen International Hill Climb Race. To many people’s shock, she beat out multiple legendary male drivers. This included the record-breaking Rudolf Carraciola, one of the most accomplished drivers of the time. She completed the feat in a Mercedes-Benz Type S racing car boasting 180 hp and became a prominent figure in the racing world.

They’ve also long been represented by female racing superstar Susie Wolff. Wolff picked up many of her achievements in Mercedes vehicles. She’s also one of only two women to have test driven for Formula One. Even after retirement, she still acts as a brand ambassador for the company.

Many other notable racers have also had stints with Mercedes, such as Ewy Rosqvist and Ellen Lohr. Clearly, Mercedes have been about girl power for a long time.

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