Buying a Used Car? What you Need to Look Out For


MGBuying a used vehicle can be a wise choice for several reasons; making savings is debatably the best, but along with this is the fact you can find a wide variety of cars to suit almost every need.

Like any major investment though, there are still a few things you need to look out for when buying second-hand. To help you with your buying endeavours here are a few examples of these, so you know what to look out for when shopping around:

The Condition of the Exterior

A used dealership will want to shift as many cars as possible so they will make them look nice and shiny on the forecourt, but looks can be deceiving. You need to take a forensic level of detail when you look the car over and look out for:

• Any chips that could let in moisture
• Cracks in the windows and windscreen
• What the tread is like on the tyres
• If all the lights and indicators are working

The Condition of the Interior

You should apply the same level of analysis with the interior and look at the cloth trim to make sure it’s not warped or damaged. In the same respect, check all the buttons, functions and features are in full working order; it’s also worth starting the car up and checking over the dashboard.

A Potential Scam

Some sellers won’t be as honest as others and may bend the truth about the car’s history to get it sold. What’s more, you don’t want to fall victim to any scams like:

• Clocking the odometer
• Refitting the car with fake or incorrect parts
• Using fake details to hide the fact the car is stolen

A great way to avoid this is to do your research about the vehicles beforehand, and if needs be, ask the seller to provide any evidence to back up claims about the vehicle’s history.

The Price vs The Age and Mileage

During your research, you should also look at the average prices of cars that are a similar make, model, age and mileage. This final bit of information will help you gauge whether the car you want is a good deal, or if you’re getting ripped off.

When you’ve taken all the above into account and you find the answers you need, you’ll be able to rest assured you’ve chosen a reliable used car that won’t let you down. So, all there’s left for you to do now is get browsing and asking the right questions.

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