Few important checks before buying a used car

Audi A1

Audi A1Not everyone can afford a brand new car of his or her liking. We, therefore tend to look at an easier option wherein we can make that wish a budget friendly choice for us. 

As much as it is exciting, there are few important checks to consider, when buying a car for yourself. We have consolidated some great points for you to look into before you delve into this completely new decision.
Valid Research
It is very important to do a thorough study of the car before you buy it. At the end of the day, it is a money involving transaction and nobody is happy with a faulty decision. Make sure, you do detailed internet reviews and get feedback from friends and other acquaintances about the specific name and model of the car that you are planning to buy.  
Owner or Dealership Sale  
Always make sure that the paperwork for the car is spot on before you buy it. With an ownership deal, this could be an issue, as there are many cases of fraudulent details and of owners failing to reveal the exact facts. However, a great advantage could be a sale of a high mileage car without an exorbitant price tag. In the case of a dealer, the car has to go through several tests of CPO (Certified Pre-Owned Programme) before it is on sale. This gives a little more assurance to the buyer in terms of complete peace of mind with the new buy.  
Complete Car Inspection
A comprehensive assessment of the car is necessary before you buy it. Starting with focusing on the exterior, check if there are any dents, repainted areas and faulty rubber linings for the doors and windows. For the interior, pay close attention to the odometer, if the engine is in good shape. Furthermore, keep a lookout on signs of enforced entry, if the locks are damaged or not alike, and an auto locksmith will be the best person to help you. A spare key is always a great addition to have, as you can never predict a lockout. In case you are buying it from an owner, it acts like a safety prevention too. Locksmith companies like AZ Locksmith, can give you informative advice regarding any of your lock concerns. 
Last but not the least, always make sure, you check under the car to notice any rusting, stripped bolts and nuts and also if the spark plugs are new.             
Test Drive   
A test drive is always the best way to know if the car is in its proper form. Drive away for a couple of kilometers to know if you actually feel every part of the car with varying speeds.  Always check the main controls of the car, beginning with: the accelerator, brakes, clutch, lights, wiper and locking system of the car. 

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