Bethany Hughes tells us her Scarborough Autograss Story

Bethany Hughes

Bethany HughesBethany Hughes is the younger sister of Alice Hughes, the current Mighty Mini Championship leader.

We’ve featured her before, racing in Autograss which launched the career of her sister as well as drivers like 2016 JSCC champion Katie Milner. Bethany had the latest rounds recently at Scarborough and here she tells us all about what happened.

On Sunday the 3rd of September 2017, me and my family went to Scarborough Autograss club to go autograss racing. I was racing in ladies class 11, which includes class 1 and class 2 ladies. The day started with sunny spells and fortunately the weather stayed like that all day.

The first race of the day was fantastic. I Missed the start of the bungee [A Bungee raises to start the race in Autograss], however I out powered everybody else to be first at the first corner. By the time the race reached the closing stages, I had a quarter of a lap lead but as the last lap flag was waved, a class 2 car was on my tail, but as we came back over the line, I had a quarter of a car length lead and took the win.

The second race, I got an amazing start and I had a lead of half a lap for the first three laps, however my battery cut out and killed all the power to the car. So I had to pull into the middle and get towed off.

When I got back to the pits we all eliminated the problems and we were ready for the third heat after the interval.

The third heat came around and I had time to think to what I was doing and to have some head space. I got yet another great start and I led the race by half a car length for the whole way up to the finish line. I also beat the class 2s which I feel was a great achievement.

As the afternoon went on, the finals started. My final seemed to come up very quickly and I was quite nervous because it’s been a while since I was last in an autograss final. I was in lane 8 which is right on the outside. The bungee went up and away we went.

I got to the first corner first and then the positions did not change for the whole race, By the end I led the race by half a lap to take the win.

The whole race meeting was ran fantastically. The next race meeting I am attending with be the British autograss series round five at the Yorkshire Dales track which I am very excited about!

We’ll hopefully be able to bring you further updates on Bethany’s progress. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news. By Marc Waller

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