A Practical to Guide to Getting the Best Gas Mileage

Renault Clio

Renault ClioYou may believe that the biggest expense you’ll face as a car owner will either be finance or insurance charges.

However, many drivers will tell you that simply keeping their vehicles fuelled up is the biggest strain that they feel on their wallets. Since fuel expenses can fluctuate depending on season as well as availability, you might maintain the same driving habits but see a huge increase in your fuel costs unexpectedly.

Smaller cars such as a used Ford Fiesta are fuel efficient and also come with smaller gas tanks, so you’ll need to refuel less often. Here are some simple ways that drivers can reduce their fuel expenditures without needing to carpool, take public transportation, or otherwise deny themselves their driving privileges.

Keep Your Car Tyres Balanced
Did you know that driving a vehicle with bad or poorly balanced tyres will eat up fuel quickly? Ensure that your vehicle’s tyres remain balanced, properly aligned, and have the right amount of tread so that every tank of fuel lasts for as long as possible. If you’ve been driving a car with bald tyres or notice that your wheel alignment is off, you may be going back and forth to the petrol station more often than you need to. Check the tyre pressure, keep your wheels aligned, and shave some money off your total fuel expenses.

Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
It should go without saying that filling up the tank on a motorbike is going to be cheaper than fuelling up a passenger van. As such, you should purchase a car that promises to efficiently run on a single tank of fuel. In short, you might want to avoid buying a super-duty pickup truck if you know you have a long drive to work each day. Get a car that you can comfortably use to shop, carry your family around, and park with ease, all while still managing your fuel expenses.

Treat Your Gas Tank to Increase Fuel Efficiency
If you venture into an automotive supply store you can find products that promise to enhance the performance of your vehicle in every aisle. Some products might just make your car smell nicer, but then again there are also additives that you can put into your gas tank to increase fuel performance too.

Doing just one of these treatments a few times a year can help you to save a lot of money on vehicle fuel costs. Always get accurate information and advice from your mechanic before you use any gas tank treatment products, but be open to utilising any product that will really reduce what you spend on petrol.

If you drive a car then you’re going to spend money on fuel consistently, unless you have an electric vehicle. For the owners of fuel efficient cars, fuel costs are minimal at best. Even if you have a car with a bigger sized gas tank, you can get some relief by examining your fuel costs closely. Follow these helpful tips for making driving a new or used car a lot more affordable.

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