On the road with the SKODA Octavia VRS


SKODA Octavia VRS Many people still say that Skoda is nothing more than a cheaper version of a VW

– and of course I disagree with this very much, because Skoda have proved to me over the last few years that they are more than capable of standing on their own two feet – and I for one now look at Skoda as an individual company who produce fantastic cars. I mean just look at the new Octavia VRS. It’s an awesome car and it deserves to be right in the spotlight – because it’s utterly brilliant in every way.

Power and Efficiency:
The 2.0-litre TSi petrol engine has a 0-62 time of 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. Fuel consumption is also good, giving a combined figure of 42.8mpg. So, firstly, how well does it get a move on. Basically, like a scalded Cat if I’m being honest. I’m not kidding here folks it’s astonishingly quick. The vRS for me is the total sleeper car – so, be warned, if you do decide to take it on, you will almost certainly be crossing the finish line in second place. For those of you who don’t understand – that means ‘you will ‘lose’, badly.

On the road:
The 245PS engine that’s fitted to the vRS is enthusiastic and pretty much perfect. Also, into the corners, the chassis feels poised and tight, even when dealing with all the potholes and bumps on some of our worst roads. Plus when the tarmac gets twisty, the chassis firms up to give you maximum grip in and out of every corner. The steering also feels light, direct and is perfectly balanced with plenty of feedback on what the road beneath you is doing.

Interior & Technology
First off – I’m so glad to see that the designers at Skoda have paid a lot of attention to the detail inside the cabin of the vRS and thankfully it now feels more refreshing and modern than the previous vRS model I tested a while ago. Also, the seats are really comfy and the controls are well set out – plus the addition of the cabin mood lighting on the door panels is a lovely touch and something that helps soothe the mind. The only thing missing now for me is some soothing Bangkok music tracks playing in the background.

On the Inside; there’s plenty of standard equipment, which includes dual-zone air conditioning, cruise control, acoustic rear parking sensors, Amundsen touchscreen satellite navigation system, driving mode selection (eco/comfort/sport/custom), driver fatigue sensor, electro-mechanical front locking differential, driver’s seat with memory function and 19” Xtreme gloss black alloy wheels.

Plus you also get, ESC incl, EBV, MSR, ASR, EDS, HBA and DSR ESBS, TSA, MKB, XDS all as standard along with more kit than you will ever need. That’s what I love about Skoda, they are not afraid to give you everything you will ever need, right there when you need it.

Space inside the Octavia is very good – easily managing to fit in a family of four. The boot space alone is also huge – and you would have no trouble at all fitting in the whole family. Also, if you are looking to own the vRS as a business car, then go and sign on the dotted line right ‘now’ – before they all sell out.

To sum up:
I like the Octavia vRS because its practical, fun to drive, has bags of torque and plenty of space on the inside. Big Skoda smiles here then. I will leave it there now – as I’m off to watch a bit of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with a friend. (be that male or female).

One final thought: Thanks for all the support you have shown the magazine throughout 2017. I want to wish you all A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. TY
Price: from £27,595 By Anthony Yates


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