All you need to know about automatic cars


Button Recently, several of the major automobile manufacturers in this industry have showcased their technological advancements with self-driving vehicles; and with this change, the majority of car companies are looking to produce vehicles with driverless capabilities by 2020.

In only a few years, the automobile industry can expect autonomous vehicles to follow this electronic trend.

What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Cars?

Without any need for a driver, vehicles would become ‘mini-leisure’ spaces. This means that there is no need for any person to face forward and entertainment technology could be enhanced in the vehicle. Video screens and audio technology could be implemented to improve the long journeys without any concern of distracting a ‘chauffeur’.

Statistics indicate that approximately 80% of car accidents in the US are caused by driver error. By introducing automatic cars, there will be no bad drivers with less mistakes occurring on the roads. The drunk and substance-abuse drivers will become a thing of the past, making the roads much safer for everyone.

Another benefit is that travellers would be able to travel from one destination to another overnight without a lack of sleep. They would be able to sleep for the entire duration and fatigue will become a thing of the past. Moreover, speed limits can be increased to reflect safer driving during all this time and journey times will be shortened.

Commute is considered a highly stressful event and people tend to suffer from anxiety when facing high-traffic areas. By using automatic cars, it is possible to coordinate the traffic more effectively in urban areas; thereby, preventing any long tailbacks during busier times. Commute times will be drastically reduced and arguments over directions or navigation between commuters will no longer be applicable.

Another stressful aspect facing drivers is parking and maneuvering of vehicles. Individuals who do not have sufficient skills to drive larger vehicles will no longer need to deal with this type of stress. An automatic car will be able to drop you off and then head off to park itself.

People who have problems regarding driving, such as disabled individuals or older citizens, will be able to experience the free of effective car travel. No longer will there be a problem managing a vehicle or a need for car driving licenses. Research on driverless cars has shown that automatic car can transport the individual to their desired location regardless of their driving skill. The passenger will experience a smooth riding experience and there would be a reduction in car theft.

All sensory technology involved in the development of new automatic cars will help them perceive the environment more effectively than human senses. The sensory technology can assist in greater visibility during dark nights, detection of smaller and subtle obstacles, perception of items in the distance, and more reasons to use the vehicle during traffic.

What Are The Drawbacks Of An Automatic Car?

Unfortunately, as with all things in life, there are certain drawbacks to using an automatic car. The driverless car will be costly and out of the price range of most individuals when introduced. The average cost of an initial automatic car will be in the realm of $100,000.

As automatic vehicles are introduced into society, a loss of driving jobs will be experienced meaning that truck drivers and taxi drivers will become obsolete. In addition to losing employment, the question will remain that if an accident occurs who will be blamed? Will the owner of the vehicle be blamed or will the software designer take the blame? Without any drivers, this is difficult to determine.

Another human error that can occur is the potential hacking of a vehicle’s software. This will influence the controlling or affects of its operation; therefore, making it a high security concern. Cars rely on the collection of user information, but when the information hacked will remove all confidentiality concerns for the passenger.

Automatic cars would be ideal items for terrorists as they can be loaded with explosives and used as mobile bombs. The lack of a driver removes the need for suicide bombers, but still allows the potential for a bombing. Ethical problems will be experienced as to whether a vehicle should swerve to avoid animals or prioritize the comfort or safety of the passengers.

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