Lisette Ogborn has a positive first mighty Mini round at Silverstone

Getting ready to race (Photo by Marc Waller)

Getting ready to race (Photo by Marc Waller)Lisette Ogborn only started racing recently, following in the foot steps of her husband who himself only took up the sport in 2016.

He began with the Mighty Mini championship and was soon encouraging his wife to join him. And so, for her fiftieth birthday, Lisette Ogborn started racing a Mighty Mini. Initially she had a car share and occasionally rented a car, so she didn’t compete in every race in her first season. But with her husband now upgrading to the Super Mighty Mini class, Lisette can now have a car of her own as she takes over her husband’s old car. Jumping in and out of different cars was tricky and she is now looking forward to getting used to driving one car.

Silverstone last weekend saw the first rounds of the 2018 season and Saturday, when practice and qualifying happened was wet. Lisette had rolled her car in her first time in the wet in 2017 so she was very apprehensive and took it carefully.

But by the time race day came around, it was mostly dry. Lisette started thirteenth out of fifteen. She made a good start and was soon in the top ten pack. By the time she crossed the line she was in eighth, a position she was very happy with especially considering how close the racing was.

Having a good battle in race two (Photo by Marc Waller)For race two she initially ran in a similar position but when the faster Super mighty mini class came round to the lap the Mighty mini field, the effect of the other cars coming through saw her slip down the order although she was still less than a second off the top ten so things may have been very different on a longer track where the field could have raced undisturbed by the faster class.
Lisette was pleased with the weekend and had enjoyed herself;

“For my first race I placed eighth out of fifteen, so I was really pleased with that. I didn’t do so well in the second race but I was within a second of the five cars ahead of me! It’s Rockingham in three week’s time so onward and upward. I am really happy with my car. It runs so well thanks to Steve and Mark! I really hope to improve, but in the mean time I am having a blast!” By Marc Waller

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