How GPS Tracking Solutions Provide Peace of Mind

Ford Focus

Ford FocusGPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system operated by the US Space Force.

Typically small in size, GPS devices use these satellites to provide accurate location updates, and can be placed easily in cars, backpacks, motorbikes, or any other type of transport.

But how does peace of mind come into all this? It comes down to knowledge and security. Using a GPS device enables you to know exactly where something – or more importantly, someone – is located at any time, wherever you are in the world.

GPS tracking solutions can put your mind at ease in many ways, whether you want to monitor your teenage drivers, manage your company’s drivers, or find your stolen car. Read on for more detail on how GPS can help you on the road to finding peace of mind.

Track your teens
Most GPS trackers provide real-time updates to your smart device, while others can provide updates whenever you send a text message to the unique number assigned to your device. Whichever device you own, GPS trackers are useful gadgets if you’re a cautious parent who wants to know where and when your teenagers are driving.

Given that drivers aged 16 to 19 are one third more likely to die in a crash than drivers aged 40 to 49, it’s easy to see why parents might be a little on edge about their younger drivers. That’s where GPS tracking can help.

Installing a GPS tracker in your teenager’s car not only allows you to monitor their movements on demand, but it will also encourage safer driving in general. Wouldn’t you think twice about drink-driving, or speeding, if you knew your parents were constantly alerted to your whereabouts?

Still sitting on the fence? Some GPS trackers go the extra mile and come with geofence technology. This feature alerts your smart device whenever the tracker enters or leaves a predesigned virtual perimeter, adding another layer of security when it comes to watching over your loved ones while they drive.

Optimise your business
You deserve peace of mind, whether it’s at your dining table or office desk. GPS trackers aren’t just for monitoring younger drivers – they also represent a sound investment for businesses operating any number of vehicles.

Are your employees using too much fuel? Are they driving safely? Are your customers waiting too long for each driver? Using GPS vehicle tracking software will allow you to answer these troublesome questions and more.

You already know that GPS devices can provide you with eyes and ears to any given vehicle, but using a full-blown GPS tracking system can also provide many benefits to your business overall. These systems enable you to:

● Monitor your employees’ driving style
● Plan more fuel-efficient routes
● Increase productivity
● Keep detailed driving records

By monitoring the driving performance of your entire fleet, you can encourage safer driving, which in turn will reduce your fuel costs and road traffic incident costs. What’s more, most fleet management software can send alerts whenever your drivers start speeding, braking harshly, or accelerating too quickly.

With these systems, you can also plan fuel-efficient routes which can save your business heaps of money down the line. This means you can keep your drivers safe and your profit margins in the black.

Find your stolen car
One of the worst scenarios for any car owner is to have your vehicle stolen. There is even more cause of concern when you consider that most new, keyless cars can be stolen within just 10 seconds. While GPS trackers can’t always prevent theft, they can help you find your stolen (or misplaced) car, which might help you rest a little easier.

If you are indeed worried about vehicle theft in your area, you need to ensure that your GPS tracker is well hidden, because most thieving pros will check the car for trackers once they’re inside.

Luckily, some of the smaller GPS trackers come with built-in magnets, enabling you to hide the device underneath your car. But don’t worry, there are many other places inside – and outside – of your car where you can keep your tracker.

Some of the other best hiding places for your GPS device include within your dashboard, inside the bumper, behind the glovebox, and inside the boot. You can even go a little further and sew your device inside the upholstery, but you’ll need to make sure the battery life is long enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor!

Final thoughts
Life on the road is full of anxiety-inducing bumps and potholes – whether it’s reckless teenage drivers or fuel-guzzling employees.That’s why so many people are looking for peace of mind on the road. GPS tracking solutions, with their real-time updates, geofencing, and fleet management features, can help you navigate your way to finding that peace.

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