How to Select the Right 4wd Accessories?


4X4Owning a 4-wheel-drive means you have successful access to the most secluded places in Australia. It could be any place, from beaches to forests or plains. With the right 4wd accessories, your vehicle opens a new world of entertainment for you

. Here, we share some valuable tips on how to select the right four-wheel-drive accessories.

Identify Demands for Modification
While four-wheel-drive accessories can improve your vehicle’s performance in many ways, it also requires you to make modifications to your vehicle. Some changes add value, while some don’t. Modifying a 4wd car to fit the accessories is a compromise in many ways.

After the modifications, your 4wd vehicle might not stay practical, economical, or reliable, and extremely capable off-road like it did earlier. Before you go ahead with a particular modification to fit a 4wd accessory, get a lucid idea of what you need and how it will change your vehicle.

Over-Modification Is Not Good
You have hundreds of accessories to enhance the capability and functionality of your vehicle. But it is not sensible to fit every accessory you like. The focus should be on making the vehicle meet the needs. If you end up installing all 4×4 accessories available online, you will ruin the car. Don’t be misguided by the advertisements that promise you everything from battery chargers to chassis extensions.

There are so many terrains that it is impossible to prepare your car for every adventure drive. You need to take a step-by-step approach in fitting accessories, depending on the adventure you plan. Some modifications can be detrimental to your 4×4 vehicle and affect its performance, safety, and reliability in the long run.

For example, you should not opt for a 3rd party suspension without thinking about the vehicle’s compatibility, weight, and dimensions. Making any engine modifications or upgrading the exhaust is a bad idea. You need to get the right 4×4 accessories fit in the correct order to get the best out of your modifications.

Pay Attention to Payload
The payload is a significant factor that needs to be considered while buying 4wd accessories. It refers to the maximum amount of weight you can add to the cargo area and the curb weight.

After you find the maximum payload of your vehicle, consider everything that adds to the vehicle’s weight. This includes the passengers’ weight, recovery gear, and camping accessories you may load in your car. Payloads of different variants of the same model might not be the same due to varying engine capacities and accessories packages.

If you exceed payload capacity, you put the passengers and the vehicle at risk. It is more likely the vehicle might tilt to the heavier side, causing the cargo and passengers to move in that direction. As a result, the car may also turn over.

Ensure you Meet Local Regulations Compliance
Owning a vehicle is a responsibility, and it increases manifold when you have a 4wd. The reason is you may want to get all adventures and test the vehicle to its limit. Your desire for thrill may endanger your life and the lives of other people on the roads. When making modifications or installing 4×4 accessories, make sure you are complying with local regulations.

For example, West Australia regulations do not allow cars to have tyres bigger than 50 mm. You must have an engineering certificate if you want to install big tyres. Similarly, if the height of the roof is more than 50 mm, you need an engineering certificate.

There are several other local regulations in Australia related to vehicle modifications. For example, if you have installed big tyres, they should not stick out of mudguards; it is illegal. Hence, you need to be careful while installing accessories and making modifications.

These are some of the critical things you need to focus on while selecting 4×4 accessories for your vehicle.

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