Top Car Insurance Myths Revealed!

Suzuki SwiftWhat do you know about car insurance? While it is one of the UK’s biggest industries, motorists all over the country are becoming increasingly frustrated with rising premiums and confusing small print.

No matter what type of cover you’re looking for, whether its black box, third party or one day car insurance, there are plenty of savings to be made simply by comparing prices online.

But did you also know factors such as your job title, previous criminal convictions and whether or not you have a garage could affect your car insurance quote? That’s why Tempcover, one of the UK’s biggest providers of temporary cover, have looked into some of the UK’s top car insurance myths, as you can see in the infographic below.

While some of these insurance myths are certainly more fiction than fact, others you’ll be surprised to see are actually quite true. For example, although you can be covered by more than one insurer at a time, a comprehensive policy doesn’t mean you’re covered in any car (certainly one for the learner drivers).

Over half of 17-19 year olds pass their test first time, meaning the demand for suitable car insurance in 2015 will no doubt increase in 2015. So take a look at some of the top myths below, and see the conditions your policy quote is based on!

Tempcover Car Insurance Myths

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