The 12 most famous movie cars

Ghostbusters car

Ghostbusters carThere have been some amazing supercars used in films over the years, this wonderful infographic from Whoops wheel fix it body work repairs will take you through some of the best.

For example, most probably one of the most stylish cars to ever be used in a film, James Bond’s 1963 Aston Martin DB5. Primarily used for the 1963 hit film Gold finger. There were tonnes of memorable moments including this car, my favourite by far would have to be Bond ejecting a bad guy sitting in the passenger seat. Now onto how much this car would be if you were to purchase it yourself. In 2016, one pf many Aston Martin DB5’s to be used in the film was sold for a massive $4.6 million. In this infographic there are many different types of cars that have been used in famous films, take a look!



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