Behind the scenes with AMD Tuning – Andrew the tyre technician’s story

The car awaiting it's tyres (Photo by Marc Waller)For our second of the Behind the scenes with AmD stories we’ve got AmD Tyre Technician Andrew Brooks.

(Nickname Cheesy!) He has been with the team a number of years now and before this he was at Techspeed (Sunshine) So it’s over to Andrew for him to tell you about his weekend;

My main role throughout the race weekend is running the tyre program for the race team. This includes tyre management, working with engineers and collecting tyre data. On a typical race weekend on the Saturday morning we run some used tyres to get a feel for the track and may bed in some tyres for qualifying or for race day. During the two practice sessions and qualifying we will be adjusting tyre pressures and taking temperatures by using a digital probe across the tyre width. This gives us some readings that we can give to the engineers to help them with their efforts on car setup.
Andrew checking pressures(Photo by Marc Waller)Tyre Scraping(Photo by Marc Waller)Qualifying is always a bit of a rush as we try to get two runs in with either bedded in or brand new tyres. With only having half hour for this, getting track space is always a challenge. As soon as qualifying is over its time to take all the old rubber and pick-up off the tyres using a heat gun so that we can get them ready for race day. Normally it’s about 2 hour’s work for about 8 tyres, so it’s a case of getting your head down and cracking on with it.

On race day things often start off slow for us as we are often not out until lunch time for the first race. So we pick the tyres that we think are going to be the best sets for each of the three races. As we have to use the soft compound tyre for one race we normally pick the tyres from the sets that were used in Qualifying. When we are choosing a tyre we always look for the best pair of front tyres first, before moving on to the rears.

Just before each race starts we have a discussion with the race engineers on what cold starting pressures we are going to use on each corner of the car as they all generate different temperatures and pressures. This will also depend on track conditions and track temperature. Hopefully we’ll manage get it right to give the driver the best car we can for that race.

Tyres waiiting to go on the car(Photo by Marc Waller)Pressure Guage(Photo by Marc Waller)Waiting to go out(Photo by Marc Waller)Dave Newsham takes to the track with tyres thanks to Andrew(Photo by Marc Waller)Then it’s over to the driver to do his best for the team. Once racing is over and done for the day, it’s time to pack up the team transporter with all the equipment, which normally takes about 2-3 hours and then it’s time to head home.

It’s always long hours, long days, but all worth it working with a great team AmD especially when we get a good result. By Marc Waller

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