F1 drivers are full of courage

 Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button (photo by Mclaren)Currently there are a lot of rumours’ going around about how F1 is changing for the worst and how all the drivers get paid far too much money.

I tend to ignore this sort of stuff and think about what is it really like for the drivers.

We only have to look at the recent Jenson Button drama to see that F1 is by no means easy for any of them. For instance, one year you are the F1 World Champion and next year you are gripping on to stay at the back end of the grid – hoping your luck is about to change. I bet every driver in 2014 placed a bet on where he will end up in the final race of the season.

To be honest, I really do feel for all F1 drivers, because it’s not a normal job is it? It’s not 9 till 5 with a large office when you can use the office photocopier in an inappropriate way. In fact, it’s a place where your team expects results – results that mean the difference between finishing on the podium and finishing in the pits.

I for one would not like a job where I have to pretty much put my life on the line every time I get behind the wheel. But, then I am very selfish and I would like to take this opportunity to tilt my hat to all those boys in F1 for showing such courage at such mind-boggling speeds.

This year I actually had a bet on Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 Crown. I did not fancy my chances much either, because I have never won a single bet in my life although this time I would have to rely on William hill F1 odds to increase my chances of winning. By Anthony Yates

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